Our services range from small access residential projects to mid size commercial projects. We specialize in all shoring designs and construction for earth retention systems. We meet your needs within a budget and on schedule. E-mail us today and let us help you.

Soldier Pile & Lagging Walls

One of the most common used shoring systems available. Steel beams are drilled to proper depth, then during small excavation depths of 4' wood lagging is installed between the beams. This system is one of the most cost and time efficient systems available. 

Caissons & Secant Walls

Caissons can be used to provide structural support for future structures and buildings.  Caisson/Secant walls are vertically drilled holes to form an interlocking secant wall. Steel is installed usually 2-3 holes apart to create a reinforced wall. The concrete used in this process is usually low strength.

Emergency Shoring

Unsafe excavations without shoring create hazardous site conditions. We understand the shoring support that needs to be in place. Damaged structures, foundation settling, lateral earth pressures and cracking can all be avoided using proper shoring systems. Our team of experts care about site restoration and always place safety at a premium.

Tie Backs-Struts-Rakers-Walers

A shoring wall that has a large vertical depth requires bracing systems. Bracing techniques achieve the greatest support for structures and prevents buckling.


Drill Rock Shoring collaborates with engineers that are part of the Professional Association of Engineers in Ontario.  We offer in-house engineering for innovative and cost effective designs. Our engineers also assess sites for permits and approvals.

Project Management

Managing project goals, setting dates, assigning responsibilities, coordinating tasks and meeting milestones. At Drill Rock Shoring, we have a reputation of excellence and experience. We track our projects and assess each stage of progress.  Whether it is working with other trades or guiding you through steps, we are here as needed.

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