Our Equipment 

Drill Rock Shoring is proud to support our customers with state-of-the-art heavy machinery.  Having the right tools is important to delivering projects on time and on budget.  With Drill Rock handling your shoring needs, you can be sure that your job will meet even the strictest standards.



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Shoring Drills

Drill Rock Shoring uses the latest Geax EK75 Drills which provide us with the best savings on transport, fuel and maintenance. Ek75 works best in narrow spaces, slopes and tight access projects. Simply the best equipment for the job!

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Shoring Machinery

With having a selection of Skid steers and Small machines, Drill Rock has all the resources to finish the job right and on time!

Trucking & Floating

Having our own floating company and Trucks makes it easier to transport our equipment and materials to achieve the best most efficient results on any project!